Time with You

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It is Spring Break 2017 and I am finally able to rest. Time to slow down, write, reflect on what I’m doing professionally, and best of all, spend time with you and Mommy. We started our Monday with a game of ‘Get Me!’ followed by the beautiful creation of some Play Doh Pizzas. You love telling stories now, which usually …


Rites of Passage: The Leaf Pile

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have a distinct memory of a Fall evening in the late 70’s. I had built up as much speed as my little legs could muster in a full on sprint; my sights aimed at a pile of leaves towering twice my size. The exhilaration washed over me as I bounded into the air, took flight, and landed belly first in …



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ella Boo, I’ve only written you twice before. Once just after your birth, and again on your first birthday. I love a big event and have always been a fan of the grand gesture. But as I get a little older and hopefully a little wiser, I’m starting to see the beauty and elegance found in simplicity. I’ve always been …

A Letter to Bella

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Every year Bella will get her very own little movie – about her life. The clip above is from “Year One”. In this short film, Bella receives letters from those closest to her. Even though this movie will never be published on the net, I wanted to share just a short clip. Larry, my oldest brother, reads his letter to …