bella-bookO ur life is about achieving balance in a chaotic world. Tasha and I both work full time, and on top of our duties at work and at home, we are active in creative endeavors like photography and digital creation. Tasha and I both attend and serve at Southland Christian Church, where we met. I’ll tell that story further down the page. The rest of this page is about our lives and the things we find fascinating. If you are compelled to read on, we would love to share a little bit more about our life.
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Our Mission

I n the context of our creative outlet, Martin Ray Vaughan Media, we hope to deliver authentic content that is unique, beautiful, and compelling. As you can see in our nifty little chart, our primary skill sets include portrait photography, video production, and web design. We also can play the Wii U but you probably don’t want to hire us to do that. We are available in Central Kentucky without a travel fee, however we will also travel for destination projects outside of Kentucky. Feel free to contact us to discuss your creative vision!

What We Do

Graphic Design
Video Production
Portrait Photography
Infinity on the Wii U
Web Design

A Little More Personal

A great place to start is with the story of how Tasha and I met. As a volunteer trainer at Southland Christian Church, I get to meet people from all walks of life who are seeking to serve our church in a lot of different capacities. One area that I really enjoy at Southland is our cafe ministry. (more coming soon)…

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Organizational Structure

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Marty | Design

Serving as Husband, Dad, and principal photographer at Martin Ray Vaughan Media, I also teach English and Literature during the school year in Fayette County. I handle most of the cooking in the house and share cleaning duties with our CEO, Tasha.

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Tasha | CEO

Overseeing day to day operations in the house, Tasha makes sure that all the details are covered without micromanaging us. She handles the budget, makes decisions about travel and other expenses, and is currently charged with the enormous task of feeding the legal department.

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Bella | Legal

Bella is working on her management style. Currently she either laughs or screams at us. She has very little patience when she is hungry or if she has inadvertently soiled herself. Make no mistake – Bella runs the show. She may answer to Marty and Tasha on the organizational chart, but she is truly the center of all our efforts.

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