Holding a Miracle

Happy Easter! Tasha, Bella, and I are heading out to a friends farm today to eat, enjoy the Spring weather, and hunt for Easter eggs. All day I will be reminded of what a miracle life is, and how amazing it is to hold an answered prayer in my arms. All our best to you…

What a Dream

I dreamt that I was suddenly and unexpectedly ported through some other-dimensional wormhole and transported back in time. Specifically to Mammoth Cave. The year is 1995. I am in a Woodland Cottage with Dave Scalf, my chosen roommate for the weekend, and we are on an overnight field trip with our Geology class from Cincinnati…

Open Letter to Central Baptist

I am a first time Dad, only 5 days in actually. And amidst all the incredible, wonderful changes that are taking place in my mind and heart, I thought it important to write this quick letter to the staff at Central Baptist Hospital, while the images and moments of our birthing experience were fresh in…

Introducing Isabella Grace

  Tasha and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of Isabella Grace Vaughan. At 7:02 pm she took her first deep breath of fresh air and filled the room with a fitful cry, as if to say, “PUT ME BACK!”. After all, the World can be a little daunting after a comfortable stay at…

Fighting the Water Crisis

NOTE: The images above are recent photos taken of the freshwater well project you helped us fund! The best advice we were ever given regarding marriage and finances was phrased in three simple words: “Give it away.” Sounds crazy, but if this is the goal of your financial household, you’ll find one of the biggest…


We are only days away. God has been calling us into a season of quiet now. Still nachte. Silent nights. So we are simply hanging out around the house, playing Wii U or watching Brave. Of course I can’t keep myself from photographing this miracle. Here are a few from our living room.

Your Room, Princess

We are ready for you. We have read twenty-some-odd books, attended showers, installed car seats, and learned to swaddle and burp and bathe you. We have explained things to little Arie, who can’t wait to meet you. We have painted walls and replaced carpets. We have hung new windows and curtains. This is your room,…

Ben: Portraiture

Musician. Physical Therapist. Country boy throughout. At 6’9″, he has a commanding presence when he walks into a room. Luckily he has a good nature about him. Still, you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. Shot in a makeshift studio in his home.

We are passionate about telling your story through the art of photography. From family and couple portraits to weddings and events, we love capturing moments in time that will be cherished for years to come. Let’s talk about how we can partner together and make something beautiful!

Martin Ray Vaughan

Keeneland Doll

This morning she attends one of the greatest secrets that ever got let out of the bag in Kentucky. A Keeneland morning at sunrise. They now call it Breakfast with the Works, but she’ll tell you it has been going on for decades. Long before her time. It used to be there were only horsemen,…

Country Girl

It’s another Eastern Kentucky sunset. Raised on a farm, Maranda knows hard work. But tonight she puts on her dress and cowboy boots. She lives on the backroads; she is simple and complex. Both her feet firmly planted in who she is. There’s no mistaking her.

There is no such thing as a good composition without shadows. And where there are shadows, there is light.

Martin R. Vaughan