Up to This Point

Welcome to my little corner of the web! This site serves a few purposes. For one, it is my digital playground where I explore design ideas for websites. I built my first website in 2005 (this one, actually), and I’ve been hooked on all things WordPress ever since.
Secondly, this is a meeting place for my current and future clientele. My photography life turned from hobby to professional in 2006. More than a decade later, I have found the perfect balance between shooting professionally and personally. I take a limited number of clients each year and refer the rest to a wide network of digital creators in the Lexington, Kentucky area.
Finally, this site is a great place to share ideas and resources with students and colleagues. I made dramatic change in my career in 2007, leaving the world of I.T. and stepping into the high school classroom. On the very first day of that life transition, it was clear I had found my calling.
So kick back and enjoy! I will share a great deal about my beautiful family here. Tasha, Isabella, and Lily are my muses and total inspiration. They push me every day to be a better Husband, Father, spiritual leader, photographer, and teacher.